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Jan 27, 2013 10:00pm PST
up in the shadow of his father, big jim, a giant of a man who was a cop, fireman, and hero to his son. >> he was my best friend. he was my backbone in pretty much everything i did. >> but a terrible choice he made, as a teenager he began selling drugs. he started small, peddling bags of marijuana here in this park. then he expanded to cocaine. at the tender age of 17 he moved to chicago, where the business and profits exploded. he was now a big fish in a bigger pond. lake michigan to be exact. he was his own in crowd, fast cars, faster women and souped-up living. >> all the hot spots, all the big nightclubs, all the owners i was in tight with. i would come in there and have carte blanche in every place that i went to. >> were you feeling invincible? >> there was a certain point i felt there was an invincible feeling. >> did your pop suspect? >> he didn't suspect it until much, much later. >> it would be a rude awakening for both his dad and jimmy in 1996 when jimmy was just relaxing at one of his chicago homes. >> all of a sudden, kaboom, the whole door just blew off the hinges and ca
Jan 28, 2013 2:50am EST
. healthy kidney. respond for further information. so we did. and met with this man who says his name is jim. >> sam told me about you. how you doing? >> jim told us he's a college student and was thinking about selling his kidney for $50,000 to pay his tuition. he asked us to blur his face. >> i felt like this was something where i was able to help someone's life and at the same time help myself. >> and you're okay with living with one kidney? >> i'm okay with it. i mean, i've thought about this for a year. i've dane lone a lot of researc. >> even though it's illegal to sell human organs, we found it a little heart-breaking that jim was willing to do it just to pay for college. finally i told him who i was. we're not passing judgment, you're in no trouble here whatsoever. >> okay. >> you can see why we would be curious about wanting to know what your story is. >> okay. >> and it all boils down to that college tuition. you're going to need the $50,000. that's simple. >> i've talked to some friends, and they would do this, too. >> as for amanda and paula, both are still waiting, hoping their
Jan 21, 2013 2:50am EST
say damage has been done. jim hanna is a reporter for the kentucky enquirer. >> when sara jones walked out of the courtroom hand in hand with the victim, i think a lot of people watched that on television and thought she was flaunting to the community what she had gotten away with. >> your girlfriend has admitted to a sex crime. >> she doesn't have to admit to a sex crime. we're in a relationship. there was no harm done. >> sara says she was wrong to agree to this. do you agree? >> wrong because i'm young, wrong because i dated a position of authority. >> cody is 18 years old. he is not a victim. he wanted this just as much as i did and this is something that we decided together, and regardless of how guilty i feel and what mistake i did make, i don't believe that i deserve to have that role as a sex offender or jail time. >> so the fact that she accepted the deal, i'm happy. >> sara's lawyer, eric deeters, who had those aces up his sleeve calls the plea deal a victory. >> i want to really thank shamsidden abdur-rahesarah farmer and the special prosecutor for greagreeing to t deal. >>
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)